Formula 420: Cleaning Plug XL - 1 Count

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  • Formula 420: Cleaning Plug XL - 1 Count
  • Formula 420: Cleaning Plug XL - 1 Count
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Formula 420: Cleaning Plug XL - 1 Count 

Formula 420 consistently releases new products like their cleaning solutions, bristle brushes, and now XL cleaning plugs to keep your dab rig sparkling clean and looking as new as the day you brought it home!

The Formula 420 XL Cleaning Plug comes one cleaning plugs that measures at 32mm - 51mm to close off the top opening on all different sized bongs, rigs, and other glass accessories for effortless, spill proof cleaning. Simply dump your solution into your glass, plug the opening with this versatile silicone cleaning plug, shake your piece around, and there you have it! A squeaky clean glass piece!  

If you're more of a soaker than a shaker, Formula 420 Bong Cleaning Plug provides the added protection against a spill incase your glass piece is knocked over while soaking.

This Dab Rig Cleaning Plug can also be used to keep your water inside your glass piece while traveling. The soft silicone plug is designed to fit a multitude of different glass bongs or rigs, the silicone construction makes it easy to plug into any opening for a leak proof seal


  • Extra Large: 32 - 51 mm


  • Makes Cleaning of Bongs or Rigs Easier and Cleaner
  • Doubles Up As Travel Plug for Bongs or Rigs
  • Added Spill Protection
  • Keeps Odors Inside
  • Easily Stretched Eco-Friendly Silicone
  • Large Size Plug To Fit the Top of Most Glass Waterpipes  


  • 1 x Formula 420 XL Cleaning Plug


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