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Silicone Bong Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A silicone bong is what you think it is, a bong made from silicone instead of the typical glass construction.

The most prominent advantage to using a silicone bong is its durability, unlike glass bongs, silicone bongs to not crack or shatter when dropped.

Silicone Bongs are most frequently used as travel bongs, for the durability and worry-free storage.

Some dabbers prefer silicone dab rigs for their ease of cleaning and reusing reclaim. Simply place your silicone bong into the freezer for an hour, pull it out and squeeze it and watch all of the frozen reclaim fall out. 

Yes, silicone bongs are generally considered safe to use. They are made of food-grade, or medical-grade, non-toxic silicone material that can withstand high temperatures without releasing harmful fumes.

While silicone bongs are generally dishwasher safe, it is recommended to hand wash them to prolong their lifespan and to not have your dishwasher smelling all nasty!

A silicone bong can last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

Yes, you can use your silicone bong with other smoking accessories like ash catchers, reclaim catchers, bowl pieces, and downstems.

Yes, silicone bongs are great for travel because they are lightweight, flexible, and durable. However, you should always check local laws and regulations before traveling with any smoking device.

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