Formula 420 Cleaning Caps - Small

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Small Silicone Cover for Rigs, Pipes, Bongs, and More

Make cleanup a breeze with these stretchy silicone Cleaning Caps from Formula 420. Cleaning Caps are a simple, easy solution to plug your pipe, bong, or rig when it comes time for cleaning. Simply stretch it around the openings, the mouth and the joint, with your cleaning liquid inside and shake it up!

No more plugging the openings with your palms or fingers and hoping you have a tight seal so no liquid comes splashing out. Just grab a Cleaning Cap for each opening in the best suited size and get that glass clean as new!

  • Small Cleaning Caps are naturally ½" in diameter and 1.75" tall. Small caps are perfect for covering joints.

Each package contains one cover.

Made from Soft, Stretchable Silicone

If you've been searching around the web for what cleaning caps are, rest easy knowing your search is over! We've got you covered!

Cleaning Caps are soft, squishy, stretchable silicone covers to slide over your rig's openings. They almost look like finger covers, but instead of fingers these accessories are meant to cover glass.

Cleaning Caps are made from an airy silicone and coated with a very gentle powder to help it slide easily over any opening. These silicone caps can be stretched up to an incredible 5 times their size! This means that even the small cleaning cap, which is ½" in diameter, can be stretched to cover a 1.5" opening easily. The large cap can even safely cover a 3" rig piece!

Don't be afraid to push these little silicone covers. Put them to work!

Available also in Large

Formula 420 Cleaning Caps are available in two sizes: small and large. They each have their uses, but be sure to order the best ones for you.

    • Large Cleaning Caps are ⅞" in diameter and 1.5" tall, ideal for wrapping around mouthpieces.

Each package contains one cover. For effective cleaning, it is recommended you buy two, typically one in each size.

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