​How Long Do Silicone Bongs Last?

​How Long Do Silicone Bongs Last?

Silicone bongs have become extremely popular in recent years, with more avid enthusiasts trading in their glass models for those made from this distinctive material. Silicone has a reputation for being enormously resilient, which has an obvious role in the appeal of silicone bongs, but how long do they really last?

In Short, a Long Time

The bottom line is that as long as you take care of your silicone bong, it can last, on average, 10 to 20 years. There is something of a misunderstanding when it comes to silicone bongs, where many people think that they are capable of lasting a lifetime. Now, they can depend on how much you use them and how you handle and store them, but if you are a regular user, it’s unlikely that they will last forever.

However, because silicone bongs are quite inexpensive compared to those made from glass and other materials, the value is worth it. Even if a silicone bong doesn’t last for many decades, it’s so affordable that it boasts clear value.

The Longevity of Silicone Bongs vs. Glass Bongs

Silicone bongs may or may not outlive glass bongs. Glass bongs can technically last for centuries, as we’ve seen. But, glass bongs are also far more fragile than those made from silicone, so a glass bong will only outlive a silicone model if it’s been taken care of meticulously, as it’s more likely to shatter or crack versus one made from silicone.

How You Take Care of Your Silicone Bong Matters

Ultimately, how long your silicone bong lasts, depends on how you treat it when it’s in your possession. If you take care of it properly, which includes cleaning it often and storing it in a way that’s ideal for the material, then you can expect to enjoy it for many years. But, unfortunately, many people take the resilience of silicone for granted, and mistreat their bong in a way that greatly shortens its lifespan.

Making Your Silicone Bong Last for as Long as Possible

At the end of the day, a silicone bong can last for an impressively long time, but this strongly depends on how well you take care of it when it’s in your possession. There are some simple practices to get into that can extend the longevity of a silicone bong. All of these practices are good habits for any type of bong regardless of the material.

#1: Clean It Regularly

All bongs need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Each time we use a bong to smoke our herb, sticky resin creates a film along the interior. Over time, this film builds and builds to the point that it can be extremely detrimental to our smoking sessions. Not only does it risk clogging airflow, but it can lead to an unpleasant flavor as each puff picks up trace amounts of burnt resin. The longer you go without cleaning it, the harder it is to clean when you decide to finally do so. You should clean your silicone bong at least once a week, by soaking it in a salt, water and isopropyl solution that breaks up any gunk that has accumulated. Or you can go with a commercial soaking solution such as formula 710 or Randy's Green Label which are specifically made for use with silicone amongst other materials.

#2: Replace the Water Before Each Use

We also strongly urge you to replace the water in your silicone bong before each use. Not only will used bong water  give you an unpleasant flavor, but it offers yet another opportunity for gunk to develop. Failing to replace your bong water between uses accelerates the accumulation of buildup that becomes harder and harder to clean as time goes on. It doesn’t take long to replace the water in your bong, so simply get into the habit of doing so before each session as the effort is very much worth it.

#3: Do Not Use Harsh Materials to Maintain it

One big mistake that people make when maintaining a silicone bong is cleaning it in a manner that’s simply not ideal for this type of material. One example is using harsh cleaning products to get rid of resin buildup and debris. Using typical cleaners found around the home, including kitchen counter cleaners, glass cleaners and bleach will break down the material as these chemicals are simply too harsh. Beyond that, and more importantly, it is very unsafe to clean your bong with these materials as it allows you to inhale these chemicals into the lungs, which can be very harmful to your health and can lead to major respiratory issues.

Similarly, cleaning your silicone bong with abrasive materials like steel wool will greatly reduce its lifespan. Silicone is so easy to clean because it’s nonporous, and therefore has a smooth surface where resin and debris cannot get trapped. Using abrasive materials causes the surface to become porous, thus allowing these elements to get stuck in the nooks and crannies. Also, using abrasive materials too frequently will wear down the bong and make it far more fragile and prone to breaking. If you find yourself needing to scrub your silicone bong we highly recommend using one soft bristle pipe cleaners or cotton swabs.

#4: Handle and Store it Properly

Silicone is pretty flexible compared to other materials from which bongs are made. This may give people the impression that it can be bent, twisted, or stretched without any problem. However, constantly bending, twisting, or stretching your silicone bong will eventually cause it to take on a new shape that interferes with how well the bong functions. This actually weakens the material and makes it more likely to snap at some point in the future. So, be aware not only of how you hold it when it’s in use, but how you store it. Avoid cramming it in a tight space where it’s going to be forced to reshape itself to fit.

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