​Are Silicone Bongs Worth it?

​Are Silicone Bongs Worth it?

Did you know that more bong enthusiasts are switching out their glass pieces for water pipes made from silicone material? The silicone bong trend is at an all-time high, and nowadays, most places that sell glass pieces also offer silicone models. It’s clear that this is more than a fleeting fad. But, at the end of the day, are silicone bongs actually a worthy investment, or is there some hidden downside to this material that makes them less than deserving of all the type?

Main Advatanges!

1: Highly Affordable

2: They Can Last for up to 20 Years!

3: They Don't Shatter

4: Dishwasher-Safe

5: Easier to Clean

6: Portable

7: Flexible

8: Good at Handling Heat

What Advantages Do Silicone Bongs Actually Have?

Ultimately, we find that silicone bongs are, in fact, a great option for anyone looking for a new water pipe. They simply offer numerous advantages over other materials that are hard to deny.

Advantage #1: Highly Affordable

Silicone bongs are  affordable compared to many other types of bongs, including those made of glass which are more traditional. Silicone is simply a cheaper material to produce than glass, and therefore prices are notably lower. That alone makes them worth it, as many of us simply don’t have the budget for a more expensive type of bong.

Of course, the ultimate price of a silicone bong depends on its size, shape, design and features, not to mention the manufacturer’s pricing, but generally, you’ll save money by going with this material.

Advantage #2: They Can Last for Up to 20 Years

Silicone bongs are not totally indestructible, but they can last for up to 20 or so years if you take care of them properly by  cleaning them regularly, replacing the water before each use and storing them carefully. Therefore, they offer clear value as you can save money on them without having to replace them frequently. No one wants to have to buy a new bong every couple of years, and when you buy a silicone bong, you won’t have to.

Advantage #3: They Don’t Shatter

Even though  glass bongs can be beautiful to look at, and are extremely common, the reality is that glass is fragile. Even the thick glass from which bongs are made can crack, chip and shatter if mishandled. Unfortunately, many of us are clumsier than we’d like to admit, and a good number of avid bong enthusiasts find themselves having to replace their glass pieces more frequently than they’d like due to the glass breaking from getting dropped or knocked over. Meanwhile, silicone is shatterproof and doesn’t chip. You can drop a silicone bong without having to worry about it breaking, which is a huge advantage that this material has to offer.

Advantage #4: Dishwasher-Safe

A silicone bong can be put into the dishwasher, which is something that separates it from basically any other type of water pipe on the market. Glass bongs can easily break in the dishwasher, as can ceramic. Silicone, meanwhile, can handle the high temperatures of a dishwasher without breaking. Just bear in mind that if you are going to stick your piece in the dishwasher, you need to fit it onto the rack in a way that doesn’t bend it, otherwise it can come out warped. And, if your bong is particularly dirty, one round in the dishwasher may not adequately remove resin gunk from its interior, which means  a manual form of cleaning is more appropriate.

Advantage #5: Easier to Clean

Silicone bongs are remarkably easy to clean compared to other materials. Silicone is smooth and nonporous, and its somewhat slippery surface means that a lot of gunk can simply be wiped off. Silicone bongs should be soaked in an  appropriate cleaning solution. Or you can make one at home with salt, water and isopropyl alcohol solution just like other types of bongs, but actually wiping off the residue after it’s been soaking will effectively clean them without any serious scrubbing required. There are no nooks or crannies in which resin can get trapped. Since many bong enthusiasts dread cleaning, the simple nature of cleaning a silicone bong makes the material fully worth it. Less effort and time is required, which means more time for enjoying those smoking sessions.

Advantage #6: Portable

Silicone bongs are  far more portable than those made of glass, ceramic and other more fragile materials. You can throw your silicone piece into a bag and not have to worry about it clanging against other objects and risking a crack or chip. Further, silicone is a material that’s more lightweight than glass, so it’s easier to carry around as you travel. It doesn’t need to be carefully covered to protect it either, while glass bongs tend to require a good deal of insulation.

Advantage #7: Flexible

Silicone bongs are flexible, while glass ones are not. Now, keep in mind that bending, twisting, or stretching your bong too often will inevitably warp its shape and make it less resilient. However, you can bend it if you need to from time to time, such as if you’re trying to fit it into a tight space in your camping bag. Its flexibility is something that is completely unique to silicone.

Advantage #8: Good at Handling Heat

Silicone bongs can handle extremely high temperatures like a champ, without the material melting in any way, leeching chemicals off of the material that interfere with flavor, or causing the pipe to be hot to the touch. It’s a phenomenally heat-resistant material that doesn’t risk melting when exposed to the high temperatures at which you are smoking. And, the mouthpiece won’t burn your lips, which is always something that smokers appreciate. Because of how well this material handles heat, it’s perfect for fans of water pipes, because the cooling nature of the water filtration system is particularly noticeable as the pipe itself never gets too hot.

Silicone Bongs: Generally Worth the Investment

As you can see, with so many clear benefits, it is hard to deny that silicone bongs are absolutely worth the hype. They simple offer many advantages over other types of materials in terms of durability, easiness to clean and portability. So, even if you already have a glass piece that you’re happy with, you should consider investing in a  silicone bong, especially if you are prone to traveling with your piece.

Aug 09, 2021 VapeBrat

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