​Different Types of Percolators

​Different Types of Percolators

Different Types of Percolators

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your bong setup lately, there’s no better way than by getting your hands on a quality percolator. Nowadays, percolators are enormously popular due to the clear benefits that they provide to the smoker. But, if you are in the market for a percolator, know that there are many, many styles to choose from, and type has a unique effect on your smoking experience.

What is a Percolator?

If you’re still pretty new to the concept of percolators, let’s lay down the basics of what this piece can offer. A percolator serves the purpose of filtering and cooling the smoke before it makes its way to the mouthpiece to be inhaled. It consists of a water chamber that breaks down the smoke and cools it along the way, so that by the time it makes it to your mouth, it’s cooler in temperature, and smoother. This works to make the smoke less harsh, which is easier on your throat and lungs. It also improves the flavor of the smoke by making it cleaner and richer.

What are the Most Popular Percolator Types Currently on the Market?

You might be surprised by just how many ways there are to filter smoke in a standard bong device.

Tree Percolator

tree percolator consists of multiple vertical tubes that are connected through small slits. The benefit of a tree percolator is that it offers intensive filtration thanks to the multitude of tubes, which are also referred to as arms. For this reason, tree percs are becoming hugely popular.

Diffused Downstem Percolator

diffused downstem percolator is probably the most common type that you’ll find and has the most basic but effective style of all. It is a vertical downstem with a slit at the bottom, and it sits right at the base where the water meets it to quickly snatch up the smoke and work its magic. Some are removable, while others are attached.

Disc Percolator

disc percolator has a thin, round, and wide disc design that consists of many tiny holes. This creates a powerful filtration system complete with lots and lots of bubbles, which many smokers enjoy. These discs can get clogged easily, and so if you are going to go for this option, be prepared to clean it regularly.

Turbine Percolator

Turbine percolators are some of the most visually stunning options, creating an extremely enjoyable display that you can watch as you smoke. It consists of small, angled slits that surround the chamber, resulting in a whirlpool-like effect that has serious aesthetic value. It does a great job at filtrating, making it an extremely popular option.

Barrel Percolator

barrel perc gets its name from its design, which looks like a barrel either laid on its side, resting horizontally, or upright, which his more common. This cylinder has notches along it, which works to improve the diffusion process for smoother inhales that are extremely clean in flavor.

Circle Percolator

Circle percolators are really picking up in popularity. They are similar to disc percolators, only they have slits on the outside. Domed circle perc are particularly popular, offering improved airflow that can do wonders for flavor.

Honeycomb Percolator

Honeycomb percolators are super trendy at the moment, and it is easy to see why. They’re also quite similar to disc percolators, with some very notable differences. Consist of thin plates that are stacked on top of each other, each containing small holes. This creates a honeycomb effect that offers serious filtration for improved smoke quality. More of today’s bongs have included honeycomb percs because of how in demand they have become, and how compact they are.

Showerhead Percolator

showerhead percolator is something of a hybrid between barrel percolators and turbine percolators. The showerhead design forces smoke through the tiny holes of the barrel-like structure, which creates lots of small bubbles while doing a particularly thorough job at filtering and cooling the water.

Coil Percolator

Coil percs are a more advanced option. The coiled tube rigorously filters the water as the inhale is taken, and it wraps around a tall, thin center structure. Glass coils are a popular option, but glycerin models are becoming immensely popular as well. That’s because glycerin coils can be frozen ahead of time so that the smoke is actually cold, which creates an enjoyable sensation and gives you a more complex flavor experience.

UFO Percolator

UFO percolators are harder to come by, but their increasing popularity tells us we will be seeing more of them in the coming months or years. They consist of a tall dome that acts like a downstem that is totally vertical, inside of a glass bubble with a flared base. This creates a large filtration chamber for smoke to pass through, allowing the smoke to be diffused more effectively for noticeably cleaner and smoother pulls of smoke.

Swiss Percolator

swiss percolator is one of the most impressive options due to the intricacy of its design. It has seemingly random holes around its sphere, looking sort of like swiss cheese, hence its name. This creates a unique style of airflow that produces some of the smoothest hits possible.

Whichever Percolator You Choose, Just Count on It Upgrading Your Overall Smoking Experience

If you thought that choosing a percolator would be a quick and easy process, we are sorry to disappoint you. The reality is that each percolator has a different effect on your smoke, and you should take your time to choose the best one for your precise needs. Ultimately, all of the above options do the same thing, which is cool down your smoke, improve airflow and offer a less harsh experience on the inhale.

Aug 04, 2021 VapeBrat

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