Best Silicone Bong

Best Silicone Bong

With all of the high-tech devices coming out nowadays, there remains an impressive number of herb lovers who prefer more traditional means for consuming flower. Analog bongs continue to satisfy herbal enthusiasts who enjoy nothing more than a satisfying smoke. And, while glass bongs are still hugely popular, silicone bongs are having a serious moment.

Why are Silicone Bongs More Popular Than Ever Before?

Quite simply, they are proving to be quite the competition against traditional glass models. It is easy to see why silicone bongs have risen in popularity in recent years when you consider the unique nature of the material. Silicone, unlike glass, is almost unbreakable, and this alone explains a lot of its appeal. Not only that, silicone is also extremely easy to clean, while offering a unique aesthetic with richer, bolder colors than what glass can offer.

Best Silicone Bongs on the Market Today

Silicone bongs come in all different shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and patterns, with unique features that play a role in the quality of one’s smoking experience. Not only that, but all of these silicone bongs are made by trusted manufacturers and are reliable enough to last you for a long time.

Now, each user has their own preferences when it comes to their bong of choice, but we will be getting into our favorite models of the year according to what customers are buying.


At under 10 inches, portable bongs are perfect for carrying around with you. They allow you to bring your piece to a buddy’s house without any inconvenience and take up less space on your shelf or in your closet.

#5: 6” Tye Dye Swirl Cone Shaped Silicone Bong – Showerhead Perc

The 6” Tye Dye Swirl Cone Shaped Silicone Bong, with its exuberant tie dye pattern, offers a distinctive cone shape that helps enhance the smoke that is produced. It features a showerhead percolator that does a particularly good job of cooling the smoke before it makes its way into your mouth, and the larger round mouthpiece allows generous airflow so that each pull of smoke really hits you the way you want it to. We love the sci-fi aesthetic along with the easy grip of this piece.

#4: 4” Silicone “Tank” Dab Rig / Bong Water Pipe – Black & White

The smallest bong on our list is the Silicone “Tank” Dab Rig / Bong Water Pipe, which has an undeniably distinctive design mimicking a tank, with a unique take on a camo pattern. The shape may seem like a novelty, but it actually enables exceptional airflow, and is quite practical. The extended bowl acts as an efficient chimney that concentrates the smoke thanks to an elongated, skinny tube and a trumpet-like mouthpiece. The glass bowl has an elongated stem as well, and the entire piece can fit into a bag easily.

#3: Silicone Water Pipe – Orange/Blue

At 5 inches tall, this Silicone Water Pipe offers a pretty conventional design that makes it a crowd pleaser. The blue and orange print is absolutely stunning, and the curved edges are both ergonomic and functional, offering an airflow design that ensures that each hit is smooth, tasty, and full of potent smoke. The mouthpiece efficiently condenses the smoke, while the bowl itself can hold a decent amount of flower for such a small overall piece.

#2: 7.5” Torch Silicone Bong / Silicone Rig – Rasta

The 7.5” Torch Silicone Bong / Silicone Ring in Rasta is a multi-functional piece that can be used as a traditional bong as well as a rig, as it comes with a 14mm 90-degree banger that attaches easily. The blowtorch shape doesn’t just give the piece visual interest but allows you to take much bigger hits than you’d expect with a portable bong. Meanwhile, it offers an excellent grip that will make you feel comfortable passing this baby around.

#1: 8” Rasta Liberty Bell Hybrid Glass Silicone Bong

The Rasta Liberty Bell Glass Hybrid Silicone Bong sits at 8 inches, placing it in on the larger end of silicone bongs, while still being extremely portable. The diffused downstem ensures cool, smooth smoke, and the piece can easily be taken apart for a thorough cleaning. Meanwhile, its design is topple-free, not to mention aesthetically enchanting.


If you’re looking for a bong that has a more substantial size, these desktop models are what you want to check out. At 10 inches or above, they are perfect for keeping at home, especially when you crave big clouds of smoke.

#5: BLO – “Spooky Tree” Silicone Glass Water Pipe – Glow in the Dark with LED Lights

You cannot deny that the BLO – “Spooky Tree” Silicone Glass Water Pipe satisfies that aesthetic itch. Beyond its awesome visuals, which include LED lights and a glow-in-the-dark print, it’s an excellent choice as it boasts the traditional beaker style that has remained popular for a reason – offers direct, clean and huge hits time and time again. Of course, its topple-free shape makes it a secure choice for those who are on the clumsier side.

#4: 10” Silicone Incycler Dab Rig Water Pipe – Army Green Grey Black

The 10” Silicone Incycler Dab Rig Water Pipe is a dab rig/bong hybrid with a unique design that enables a recycling system that keeps those hits tasting clean, fresh, smooth and flavorful. The advanced filtration system allows the smoke to be nice and cool before it enters your mouth, while the curved mouthpiece enables a more ergonomic smoking experience overall. The bowl sits on an elongated stem to further filter each hit, and all of these features work together to promote a distinctively satisfying session.

#3: 11” Baby Blue Hybrid Silicone Glass Beaker Bong

The 11” Baby Blue Hybrid Silicone Glass Beaker Bong has quite a unique pattern on it that stands out among the crowd, but that’s not all that it offers. With its traditional beaker style, it offers a topple-free build along with direct hits of smoke for those who want to take in bigger clouds that are full of flavor. The diffused showerhead percolator is detachable, but when attached, it does a brilliant job filtering your smoke so that you can enjoy smooth and cool clouds on demand.

#2: 15” Indestructible Silicone Glass Hybrid Bong with Glass Tree Percolator Rasta

The 15” Indestructible Silicone Glass Hybrid Bong is the tallest bong on our list, and without a doubt, it’s the ultimate choice for those who like to take huge bong rips with abandon. The beaker shape makes those hits nice and direct, while the glass tree percolator lets you watch the filtration system in action for a cool visual experience. An ice catcher allows you to add ice in order to cool those hits down even more.

#1: 11” Honeycomb Silicone Glass Hybrid Silicone Beaker Bong with Showerhead Percolator – Rasta

The 11” Honeycomb Silicone Glass Hybrid Beaker Bong has a traditional beaker style for large hits of smoke, combined with a showerhead percolator and diffused downstem to provide you with some of the smoothest, most flavorful and coolest hits possible. The perc can be removed to make the bong more portable, and the bong can be taken apart for easy cleaning sessions.

Only the Best Silicone Bong Model Will Do!

Silicone bongs are clearly not going anywhere anytime soon, as they serve an important function of acting as highly resilient and user-friendly pieces that are built to last. These models are all unique in their own way, but what they share in common is that they’re highly durable and made with details that guarantee satisfying smoking sessions with minimal effort.

Aug 04, 2021

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