Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

It seems as though more smokers are gravitating toward bongs made from silicone rather than glass, and to satisfy growing demand, the market is offering a wider array of gorgeous silicone bongs in all different shapes and sizes than ever before. But, purists who are used to traditional glass bongs may be wondering whether or not silicone is, in fact, a safe material to use as part of one’s smoking hobby.

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a polymer material consisting of siloxane. It’s a rubber-like material that’s commonly used around the house as a waterproof sealant, in bakeware and even in the products we apply to our skin and our hair. That being said, it has been long established that silicone is a completely safe material in all of its popular applications.

Why are Silicone Bongs So Safe?

A silicone bong looks and operates just like a  glass bong, with the only difference being the material. There are all kinds of silicone bongs on the market, including ones with advanced water filtration systems, portable bongs, bongs that are several feet tall and so on. But of course, any smoker’s priority should be safety, so let’s go over the reasons why silicone bongs are completely safe to use on a daily basis.

Reason #1: Very Heat-Resistant

Did you know that silicone can withstand up to 600 degrees of heat exposure, which is far above what most silicone bongs will be exposed to during a standard smoking session? This means they are not at risk of melting, although you want to keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply a  butane torch to a silicone bong, as this can allow the temperature to reach up to 800 degrees, which silicone cannot withstand.

Reason #2: Shatterproof

In some ways, silicone bongs can be safer than ones that are made of glass.

  • For one thing, they’re not prone to shattering and cracking like the sturdiest of glass bongs. A big selling point of silicone bongs is that they are basically unbreakable, and this adds a lot to their safety.
  • Shattered, chipped or cracked glass can become extremely dangerous if it makes contact with your skin. With silicone bongs, no such issue exists.

Reason #3: They Don’t Leech Chemicals into Your Product

Silicone bongs are exceptionally low on the toxicity list and have no chemical reactivity that could result in the release of toxins into that which you’re smoking out of. This is pivotal, as this is always the biggest concern that individuals have before they learn more about the nature of this material. Basically, smoking out of a  silicone bong will not result in the inhalation of toxins and other unwanted chemicals into the lungs. Silicone is not like plastic, which can contain expose you to dangerous ingredients when heated to a certain temperature.

Reason #4: Doesn’t Retain Heat

Due to its exceptional thermal stability, silicone does not retain heat like many other materials, including glass to some extent. In other words, if the bong gets hot, you will not likely burn yourself if you touch it just moments later. Silicone has a unique ability to stay at a safe temperature throughout your smoking session, which can be beneficial if you tend to burn your mouth or hand on a smoking device made out of another material.

Reason #5: Made from a Nonporous Material

Porous materials attract dirt and oils over time, and this can allow for the development of microbes that became unsafe to the human system. Porous materials are much harder to  clean as it is difficult to get into those tiny nooks and crannies. Silicone bongs, being nonporous, allow you to easily remove debris and buildup by simply cleaning the surface of the device.

Reason #6: They Do Not Encourage Growth of Bacteria and Fungus

Interestingly, silicone is a material that discourages the growth of bacteria and fungus, which means that it is not as likely to develop harmful microbe overuse. This is extremely helpful because any device that makes constant contact with both our hands and our mouths can develop harmful microbes, especially if we tend to let others hit our bongs when they come over. This makes silicone a highly hygienic material, especially when combined with its nonporous nature as referenced above.

Reason #7: Lightweight

Silicone is a very lightweight material, especially when compared to glass. This means that if you, say, drop your bong onto your foot, you’re less likely to do any kind of damage. Being so lightweight, you are unlikely to drop it, and it is less likely to tip over if it’s top-heavy or tall. These bongs are essentially a great option for those who are clumsy. Adding to that, silicone offers a superb grip that makes drops even less likely.

Enjoy a Clean and Safe Silicone Bong Smoking Experience

Overall, silicone bongs are extremely safe, especially when compared to certain other materials that we have seen over the years. They are safe from a temperature standpoint, durability standpoint, and chemical standpoint. It is no wonder why many people are buying these bongs in order to get their smoke on. And, now you can consider adding one to your collection and enjoying a satisfying and safe smoke today!

Aug 04, 2021 VapeBrat

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