Terp Slurper Marble Set (3 Piece Set) Glow in the Dark

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Terp Slurper Marble Pill Set: Glow-in-the-Dark

Terp Slurpers are typically paired with a marble set, the bottom terp pill helps to diffuse the airflow and move around your concentrates so that all materials evaporate inside the heated chamber, the middle marble is used to keep the terp pill from flying out. Lastly the largest marble is used as a carb cap, capping the airflow so that all the air is directed from the slits at the bottom of your terp slurperdrawing your wax into the heated bottom chamber. 


  • Large Carb Cap Marble: 23mm Diameter 
  • Middle Smaller Marble: 15mm Diameter
  • Terp Pill: 6mm Diameter  
  • Compatible with 25mm Diameter Bangers

Quick Tip: 

When used and cleaner improperly, bangers can be chazzed. This turns the banger cloudy and effects the taste and profile of the dab. To keep your terp slurper banger clean and prevent chazzing, simply use a cotton swab after a dab to soak up any residual concentrated. Or dip your cotton swab in one of the solutions or isopropyl alcohol and clean it after your banger has cooled down. 

If you find your banger has too much residual concentrated, use a dab torch and heat it up really quick and scoop up as much as you can with a cotton swab before continuing the cleaning.

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