Square Silicone Dab Station - Nude, Tan, & Brown

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This little block of silicone has got it all. Not only is it made of high-grade silicone able to resist temperatures up to 500°, but it has all the spaces for accessories you could ever want for. This Dab Tray has openings for each a 14mm and 19mm banger or other rig accessory, a lighter holder, multiple openings for dab tools, a deep reservoir, and an ash-cleaning cone in the center.

Every Silicone Dab Tray is a combination of colors swirled together. Measuring a mere 4.5" wide and deep by 1.25" tall, this impressive block is sure to help you announce that you mean business when it comes to your dabs. Whatever concentrates you use and however much of them, this utility tray will help see you through till the end.



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