Reclaim Catcher Beveled Banger Combo Kit 90 Degree 14mm Male with Terp Pearls and Vortex Cap

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Reclaim Catcher Beveled Banger 14mm Male 90 Combo Kit with Terp Pearls and Vortex Carb Cap

Upgrade your set up with this combo set. Beveled Bangers, unlike flat bottom bangers, allow for less build up to occur on the bottom, and with the thick glass, enables for longer heat retention. This, combined with the terp pearls, vortex carb cap, and a reclaim catcher, makes sure you use all of your concentrate and leave none to go to waste.

Combo Set Includes:

  • 14mm Male 90° Reclaim Catcher
  • 14mm Male 90° Beveled Banger
  • 2x Terp Pearls
  • Vortex Carb Cap
  • Silicone Jar
  • Dab Tool

Reclaim Catcher 

Never waste concentrates again with reclaim catcher. This reclaim catcher is designed to minimize waste and maximize the efficiency of your dabs. Make the most of every session. Using reclaim catchers will also keep your rig cleaner for longer.

Reclaim Catcher Specifications:

  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Gender: Male
  • Joint Angle: 90°
  • Height: 55mm or 2.2"
  • Base: 35mm
  • Neck size: 5mm
  • Material: Glass with Silicone Jar

Reclaim Catcher Compatibility with Rigs:

 Reclaim Catcher Compatibility with Bangers:

  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Gender: Male
  • Joint Angle: 90°

Banger specifications 

  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Joint angle: 90° Degree
  • Joint gender: Male
  • Banger Bucket diameter: 25mm 

Banger Compatible with

Rigs / Bongs : 

  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Joint Angle: 90° Degree
  • Joint Gender: Female


  • Terp pearls
  • Bucket inserts (22mm and smaller) or Diamond Knot

Carb Caps:

  • 25mm or smaller

Quick Tip: 

To keep your glass clean, simply soak it in one of the solutions or use a cotton swab to swab the banger after each use to prevent chazzing and prolong its life.


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