Bear Quartz Swab Kit: Bamboo Swabs, Flexies, with Iso Tube

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  • Bear Quartz Swab Kit: Bamboo Swabs, Flexies, with Iso Tube
  • Bear Quartz Swab Kit: Bamboo Swabs, Flexies, with Iso Tube
  • Bear Quartz Swab Kit: Bamboo Swabs, Flexies, with Iso Tube
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Bear Quartz Swab Kit:

Banger Cleaning Kit - Bamboo Swabs, Flexies, with Iso Tube

If you're looking to keep the flavors out of each and every dab clean, airy, and pure, the first step to dabbing utopia is investing in a cleaning kit. With so many out on the market it may be a bit confusing as to which ones are worth the extra spend.

One of the easiest things to look for is an all-in-one cleaning kit, the Bear Quartz Swab Kit has all the things you need to get your quartz banger squeaky clean in a matter of seconds!

The Bear Quartz Swab Kit comes with a storage box featuring a hinged lid, close it up and throw it in your backpack when you're on the go and pop it open for easy access during a sesh. Whatever kind of dabber you are this storage box will accommodate you. 

The Swabs Kit wouldn't be a "swabs kit" without some swabs, Bear Quartz stacked the storage box with bamboo swabs, flexies, and also an iso tube.

The bamboo swabs are made out of 100% Pure Cotton and Bamboo, the bamboo stick makes them super sturdy less likely to break! Say goodbye to the flimsy, meltable, plastic cotton swabs you typically find at the drug store.

The Bear Quartz Cleaning kit also comes with a bundle of Flexies, flexies are biodegradable swabs that are made out of paper and heavy duty cotton. These swabs are much more flexible, than the bamboo stick swabs, to make it easier to clean out all the nooks and crannies of your banger, devices, or dabbing accessories!

This Kit is finally completed with an Iso Jar, an iso tube should easily be your right hand man though each one of your dabbing sessions. It is designed to hold isopropyl alcohol in place close to your swabs for quick cleaning between each dab

Overheating left over concentrates, can allow for the residue to burn onto your quartz materialsinfluencing the taste of your future dabs. Regular cleaning should be practiced with both low temp and high temperature dabs.

Although most of the concentrates are vaporized with high temp dabs, it is still best to clean out any dark buildup to prevent irreversible damage which ultimately affects the flavor of your oils.

Using this simple cleaning method (cotton swabs and iso alcohol) after each sesh can potentially add months onto the lifespan of your banger or inserts, and dabbing off a clean surface allows for the most flavorful, powerful dab experience!


  • Over 100 Bamboo Cotton Swabs
  • Over 60 Flexies 
  • Iso Jar With Plastic Cap


  • Two Different Types of Cotton Swabs To Clean Harder To Reach Areas
  • All-In-One Cleaning Kit 
  • ISO Jar Included to Keep Cleaning Solution Close to Swabs
  • Easy, No Hassle, Quick Cleaning Between Sessions
  • Extend the Lifespan of Your Banger and Other Accessories
  • Hinged Lid - Travel Friendly Cleaning Kit 


  • 1 x Bear Quartz Swabs Kit - Bamboo Cotton Swabs, Flexies, and ISO Jar

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